Look, Kids, Big Ben, Parliment!

DATE: JULY 2, 2018


Who: Ausfahrt, Billy, Bluewater, Crimson, Disco Duck, Free Bird, Hermes, Hotty Toddy, Pickles, Staubach, Frisco

11 HIMs showed up to crush some kettlebell this morning at Frisco’s VQ. A little (much appreciated) co-Qing in the mumble chatter. As I started to drive past the old HB site (picnic area) I realized I had not clarified “new site”, noted all of the cars at the old site–made an executive decision and switched back to old site. T-claps to Crimson for driving over and grabbing the rest of the crew. Realized quickly how much the now very distant (by KB carrying standards) pullup bars were a part of day’s extensively planned workout
so below is how I remember it…best plans of mice and men…


Mosey around the picnic area to circle up back at the flag (everything in perfect cadence)

10 penalty burpees (technically were late #Qisneverwrong)

Good Mornings

Wind mills

Sir Fozio Arms Circles (fwd/back)

Overhead claps



The Thang:

Tanks / You’re Welcome (KB Presses / 55 merkins)

Mosey again*

Street work with KBs

– Overhead presses with lunges to the 1st median

– Bear crawl to 2nd median

– Jog back to KBs for 10 Goblin Squats

– 10 Goblin Squats*

– Overhead two-handed tricep extension with lunges to the 2nd median

– Crawl Bear to the 3rd median

– Back to KBs, curls to 2nd median (lunges for optional / for jerks only)*

Tanks / You’re Welcome (KB LBCs / 55 merkins)

Street work with KBs

– Between-the-legs swing walk to the 1st median and then back to the 2nd


MARY at the Soccer Fields (PAX recommends softer location / Q realizes 10 HIMs are armed with KBs):

– American Hammers with KB

– LBCs with KB

– Holding KB up while flutter kicks

– Merkins

– No Pickles Presses were done

– Have a Nice Day



Genuine pleasure launching my VQ with these 10 HIMs. “*” above are where “Pullup Bars” showed up on the chagrined Q’s workout plan (thus “Look, kids, Big Ben/Parliment” reference). Appreciated all of the toll payers and distance travelers plus the usual crowd. VERY BIG Shout out to Disco Duck for secretly being back up Q in case I needed to tag out.

Took a page out of Squatter’s book and read out a combined set of quotes from Abe Lincoln and others and a (manly) verse of poetry. Announced #TourDeCarpex (try all the AOs if you can), July 4th, and also Crimson called out Carrying Place (volunteers needed / see slack)

Continued prayers for Disco Duck’s M and Snotz’s continued recovery. A prayer of thanks from me to be surrounded by so many HIMs that drive me to be a better and stronger every day.

Read Out:
We don’t need to reinvent “men”. We only need to will ourselves to wake up from the bad dream of our generation and reclaim it. This is the test of your manhood: How much is there left in you after you have given everything of yourself. No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child or a friend. No man is as strong as when he gently holds the ones he loves. No man is as brave as when is he is on his knees,  fighting to get up after a fall.

The Morning Sun Rises Beyond the Trees
And the Tar River Turns East for the Sea
Trying to See for a Thousand Miles
I Take One More Step
Up to Where the World Waits For Men
I Climb One More Story
Up to Where the World Waits for Me